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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it started during a force wrote -- of boys wrote to approve the rules. >> everyone wanted to vote down the rule. so we can operate under the temporary rule so delegates can vote their conscience and vote for anyone they want to. we would try to nominate someone other than donald trump. >> reporter: a second voice vote was held. the rules were approved. >> we wanted this to be exposed. >> reporter: one of the biggest themes of this convention is party unity. something that many here are looking for. the south carolina delicate, her first convention. she is on team a trump. >> i want to seek unity and excitement. >> reporter: donald trump and his running mate mike pence are
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in cleveland. donald trump will briefly take the stage tonight to introduce his wife malani a. >> and when this music wraps up, all of this will be up to melania trump, who will be introduced by her husband. live in cleveland, craig boswell. political analyst melissa kane joining us now. we just heard craig boswell on that chaos. just how nasty to get on the floor today ? >> i have to tell you this was worse than any family reunion. some people threw down their credentials and some people walked out. i have to remind you, the delegates are behind this. but understands, they are full of hundreds of guests. and they weighed in vocally about what they thought as
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well. that's why we had to do 2 votes. they could not figure out what was happening so they have to to two votes. very dicey in here. everyone weighing in on the issue. >> it did not look like house speaker paul ryan was there today. >> reporter: he managed to the nagel and say he did not have to be here for any of the excitement. in 2012, john weiner was the chairman, but he did preside over a similar set of committee reports that he was dealing with the ron paul consent. this year, paul ryan managed to make it so that he did not have to show up and get sworn in. after the but had happened, we know that paul ryan and his enthusiasm for trump has been a bit. he has been reluctant to weigh
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in. it's no surprise that he is not here to provide over that divisive seen. >> thank you we will talk to you again at 6 pm. >> will have more on the republican national convention. coming up, the cbs evening news is in cleveland. shut the golden state warriors a step closer to returning to san francisco. a judge clears the way for this new arena in the mission bay neighborhood. this is a big victory for the city. >> reporter: and a big victory for the warriors as well. they ought to be building an 18,000 seat arena. that arena true that wrath of very powerful people in the city. they say they would interfere with the hospital and also that this space to be better used
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for biotech research. the lawyer said no, this is where the arena will go. and today the judge agreed with him. saying those objectives about traffic in such did not have to wait needed to stop the project. reaction, let's take a listen. >> we are disappointed in the ruling. we respect the judicial process. we are looking at our options. we are on an expedited timeframe. we have to decide quickly about what the next step in this fight will be to protect mission bay. >> we crossed a huge milestone for getting this project built. we have to see if there's anything else that we have to do, but it looks like this project will move forward. >> reporter: those tees and eyes are dotted and cross.
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does the warriors of paying for this, and they have everything except the building permit, this is more than a giant step forward. this is the final step. the next of being shoveled in the ground. stay tuned at 6 pm we will hear more from the warriors. and looking at the economic and the neighborhood and social impact of an arena at the size coming into san francisco. >> we are learning new information about the uc berkeley student killed in nice, france. authorities are searching for nicholas leslie. a truck raced through a crowd of bastille day travelers. they confirmed that he was one of 84 people killed in the attack. today, the truck driver had expressed support for isis. they say he plotted the bastille day attack. kpix is on the uc berkeley campus were more than 500 students are
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gathered. >> reporter: you can feel the grieving. the campus is in mourning. take a look behind me. you can see several hundred people here. people passing by feeling the impact. nick is the second student who died in a terrorist attack in recent weeks. university officials and friends are speaking to the crowd. sharing memories and remembering him as a kindhearted young man. he wanted to study business. he has been missing for several days. yesterday the fbi confirmed the horrifying news that he was one of 84 that was killed after the truck drove into the ground at a bastille day celebration. he was in a study abroad program. the american flag at the italian flag because he was born in italy is behind me.
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you can see that there are some grief counselors in the crowd. they said they are available to anyone who needs counseling after this news. a 17-year-old boy went on a rampage with an ax in germany entering 4 people. happen in worse for. the team was armed with an ax and a knife. he attack passengers while on board a train. he was shot and killed by police. police have blocked off roads -- as they continue to investigate. 3 of the victims suffered serious injuries. they are still trying to figure out motive behind the attack. how a gunman targeted and killed three officers at close range and wounded three
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officers. chris martinez reports, the men are being remembered as heroes. go badly bruised of the scrolls released surveillance videos. >> there is no doubt whatsoever that these offices -- the these officers were assassinated. >> reporter: police say a swat member took out the suspect. >> it was a shot that have to be made. we cannot let it go any further. go the victims are brad garafola, montrial jackson and 41-year-old matthew gerald. >> he spent his whole life serving this country. and he is a hero. >> reporter: a day after the
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shooting there is a great sense of disbelief in this community. melissa prayed with a police officer. >> i have family members that are in the police department. i fear for them. >> reporter: one officer is still in critical condition. he is fighting for his life. chris martinez, cbs news, that rouge.>> the police officers association has condemned the attack. and they had strong words for the black lies matter movement. as kpix five reporter tells us. >> reporter: the statement from the police officers association was angry and anguish. condemning the latest cowardly ambush. and taking aim at the black lies matter movement. the group is not mentioned by name but they broke, and organization only insights posttest over officer involved protest.
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we must question the legitimacy of that organization. >> there is a lot of suspect behind the black lies matter movement. i do not want to speak for the po a, they can see for themselves. but i would say that, and all matters at this point. >> reporter: he has worked with police and communities of color. >> it is clear with police officers are assassinated that it is not right. something has to be done. and i agree we need to move beyond that. but i would say that we need to tone down our rhetoric. >> reporter: yesterday police officers association appear to be eager to discuss the shooting and its implication for law enforcement officials across the country. 24 hours later they have not had a change of heart. they said they would not make anyone available to talk about
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what happened. and that their original statement would have to speak for themselves. but in the uneasy silence, it is clear that the po way feels it's officers are under attack. turkeys president refuses to rule out the death penalty for thousands who were involved in the military coup on friday. but he says it is up to parliament and he will approve its decision. americans in rookie are being warned to stay away from the us consulate. there are security concerns. 230 people died in friday's uprising. 7500 people were arrested and 6000 of them were soldiers. science has discovered new clues about the zika fibers. >> how it could prevent the terrible part of fact. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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mark hornor was with his daughter in the tide pools at makapu'u (maka-poo) beach on oahu.. when people saw a huge wave sweep them into the ocea of berkeley man and his six- year-old daughter drowned this weekend while on vacation in hawaii. he was with his daughter at the tied cool in a while who would people saw a huge wave sweep them into the ocean. they pulled them back to shore but they were unable to revive them. and a san jose man drowned when a wave knocked him down. a man was hit and killed a new york city sidewalk by a drunk off-duty police officer. he was one of four people hit early saturday morning. he graduated from hillsboro high school in 2013.
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nypd officer is facing manslaughter charges. the 28-year-old has been suspended from the nypd. but 3 other people hit are expected to recovery. a teenager's parents said he could've had the party but when too many kids showed up, parents asked everyone to the future be after that three people walked up to the house and opened fire on the crowd on the front lawn. 2 people remained in critical condition and no one has been arrested. alcohol was served and the parents could be fined. for the first time and out lesbian is a bishop in the united methodist church. karen all of that oh has been the senior pastor in san francisco. the united methodists are divided over homosexuality.
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the president of the church's council of fish in says the questions church unity. when it comes to the zika fibers we have seen babies born with and usually small heads. and other severe brain to fax. now scientists have uncovered major clues about the infection and a possible drug that may block it. >> reporter: a mother's womb and placenta is supposed to protect her developing fetus. but somehow the zika virus gets in and causes serious damage. >> as zika infected mosquito bites a pregnant woman. now, bay area researchers are fighting back pew >> we were able to identify the cells infected with zika and how is it we can have
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inhibitors that will block the infection. this was surprising to us we did not know what to expect. and it was rewarding. >> reporter: she has a team at uc berkeley. they discovered how the zika virus targets certain cells in order to harm her fetus. >> if you can see what cells are targeted, you can see how one can block infection. >> reporter: they use 2 strands of the virus in women who delivered in ucs app. they attach in two different routes. they go through the membrane
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that has the amniotic sac. they found out how this can be blocked. this is approved for use in animals and not humans.>> experts say that this is not safe to use a pregnant women's. but how it works may serve a model to design a drug that will work. it is a bit of a mystery in you top unit elderly man who contracted the virus while track during -- traveling pass the infection to his caregiver. they had no sexual contact. and the mosquito that carries the virus is not found in that part of you top. we see some deceptive sunshine outside it looks really warm. not a cloud in the sky over san francisco bay. but the ocean is keeping us plenty chile.
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lost and found three years later. what it took to bring this go pro back to its owner. a diver caught on video doing doughnuts of the day rich. but he did not get far. the marketer up today. the dow hits another record high. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're back after a quick break. stay with us. you leave town for a couple of days and all of a sudden the air-conditioning comes on.>> we have not been that hot. >> maybe it's the fact that we were so dry in the winter we were hot in the summer and i will show you the temperatures. we are below average. and we are the anomaly for the entire country. look outside, there's lots of sunshine. there is alcatraz. we have marion county. santa rosa is 76. your average is 87. low 70s in livermore. san jose is 63. speaking of oakland, the a's are home against the astros. lows tonight, a cool night.
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redwood city, a pair of eyes for you. mountain view 85 also. something has changed overpass couple of days. you felt the breeze outside. the start but the source of the breeze. this looks like something i would show you in february. an area of low pressure. if there was wintertime there will be rain attached to this. but there is no rain. it is a strong onshore flow. spin counterclockwise. and we will continue -- continue to get that beat of chilly air. the rain will stay away. but cloud cover, there will be lots of that tonight and tomorrow. as far as the valley, pretty
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funky start your day tomorrow. it will burn back to the coast. and temperatures will be held down again. this talk about when things change. watch the future. it is friday. this is a significant change. we'll go from cool to pretty warm. now a strong ridge of high pressure to our south. the onshore flow gets limited. it will be there in the beach were temperatures will not move much. we will go quickly to the 90s. we may be 30 with 100 degrees. but it is going to be much warmer and much sunnier. low clouds tonight. they will push him a little bit. a pretty chilly work week. temperatures will climb by the weekend. how cool would it be ? san francisco, a funky start at only 62 for a hive. places that normally are close to 94 and average, were looking at highs only in the mid-70s. extended forecast, the calls for a couple of degrees of
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warming. friday is when it changes. you can go to the pool over the weekend. at the beach, because of the on- field short flow goes from strong tonight, that is where will be cool. we've had a pretty chilly summer. in the next few days not changing. >> we will appreciate what we have. >> is still sunny and beautiful. just not that one. were back after a quick break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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has been reunited with its owner. jeff dumm found the camera on th two at 5 pm. the social media, of grow pro lost has been reunited with its owner. >> when you use a go pro, -- he did to the video. he's helping others might share it. so that he can find the owner. the video was watched 100 so that he can find the owner. the video was watched 120,000 times. and down to the bottom it goes. share 630 times. only took a few days before the owner contacted jeff.>> it was cool when we got in contact. he said he could give it back. and then we moved on from there. >> the owner plans to use the camera for an upcoming trip.>> it must be good luck then. that's in for kpix news at
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5 pm. we will see you at 6 pm. >> t on will come to order. >> pelley: anti-trump forces lose on the convention floor. ( yelling ) >> recognizes the delegate-- . >> pelley: and the candidate makes a triumphant entry into cleveland. also tonight, we now know the three baton rouge police officers and what may have driven an ex-marine to kill them. ( gunfire ) another baltimore officer is acquitted in the death of freddie gray. and honors for an american hero. >> reporter: the pilots in chuck kettle's helicopter battalion called it "chump valley," because only a chump


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